Welcome Home Package

Many parents leave the hospital with their new bundle of joy and are filled with excitement and apprehension at what’s to come.  A welcome home package can take away that apprehension and give you the confidence you need to enjoy, and bond with your new baby.


I will move in with you for up to 96 hours depending on the package chosen and during this time will be on hand to advise and help you with caring for your baby, practical and emotional support, breast or bottle feeding issues and establishing family-friendly routines. 

The welcome home package allows you to spend quality time together as a new family without worrying about the unknown. Once our time together is over you will receive one month of reassuring, remote support via phone, Whatsapp or email.


A new baby support package starts with either an at home visit to meet with you and your new bundle of joy or an extensive Skype call to discuss any concerns or worries and chat through your  thoughts and ideas for moving forward harmoniously with your new family. Together we will create a plan that works with your new baby’s natural rhythms and ensures that he or she is happy, content and sleeping well. 

Following our initial meeting we will work together closely on an ongoing basis via Whatsapp, email or telephone to iron out any issues, work through any changes or just have a reassuring chat. Packages last for either one month, three months or six months. The six month package includes a second visit to discuss or implement weaning. 

  • Feed your baby/babies using your chosen method of feeding
  • If you are breastfeeding I can help you ensure a good latch, utilise different feeding positions and get you off to a good start
  • Establish a good, family friendly routine for your baby/babies and learn vital techniques to get him/her sleeping through the night as soon as possible
  • Bathe your baby and care for his/her cord
  • Change nappies hygienically

  • Swaddle your baby
  • Wash and sterilise bottles or breast pump equipment
  • Prepare feeds
  • Recognise signs of possible problems and what to do next
  • Identify your baby’s different cries
  • Take your baby out for their first outing in the pram (so you know how to drive it!), including using public transport or the car if needed
    And much much more!

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