We worked with Nicci Brown as our maternity nurse from the day we brought our premature twins home from hospital. As first time parents and having spent 2.5 weeks in intensive care we were incredibly nervous, Nicci immediately brought a sense calm and routine into our lives.

Early on, she established what we needed to achieve through our time together. Nicci ensured we had the stepping stones in place to create a positive relationship with our babies, she is self assured in her guidance but never overbearing and is extremely respectful of family time together. Her extensive experience helped us to feel more at ease when our babies would look distressed or cry. One evening, 48 hours after arriving home from hospital, our little girl, Isla, had a fit at home. It was an extremely distressing situation; Nicci took control, taking us all to A&E and navigating our way through various doctors and nurses as well as helping to look after Isla’s twin brother, Hugh. Her help and support this through time was indispensable, both logistically and emotionally.

Nicci left us feeling well equipped to cope with our twins, with a routine that worked for us all and helping us to create a very happy and calm environment. We felt so well supported and wouldn’t hesitate to work with Nicci again.
The Murray Family
Nicci was recommended to us after seeking advice on our little one’s sleeping and feeding issues. Mikey would only sleep on mum or dad and would almost always cry and work himself up if put down in his cot. Possibly as a consequence of his poor sleeping patterns, his feeding also tended to be irregular and too frequent, with a feed often being the only thing which would calm him down.

Nicci arrived on Monday lunchtime and wasted no time in setting change in motion! The priority was a strict focus on regular feeding, around which the rest of a routine would be developed. She provided much need support and reassurance through the tricky process of changing Mikey’s habits – there were definitely some tears… from mum and baby! The amazing thing was how quickly the situation improved and, with that, our confidence as new parents in her approach. Nicci also made suggestions on products that she found had helped in similar situations – it was great to benefit from her valuable experience. She also provided lots of practical hints and tips on how to adapt our lifestyles around the needs of the baby so that we weren’t held hostage by the routine.

Nicci was a pleasure to have around the house – always providing helpful support and advice as well as getting involved with the housekeeping and other activities we had planned. There is inevitably some discomfort when making change, but Nicci’s approach minimised this by providing sensible reasoning and insights from her wealth of experience with other families and as a mother herself. She was only with us for a week, but by the time she left, our boy had learned how to sleep and was sticking to a regular pattern of feeding, activities and sleeping. Mum was very happy to be having more predictable and longer, sleeps which really helped with her energy. We’d have no hesitation in recommending Nicci to anyone looking for that bit of extra help.
The Jenking Family
Finding Nicci was like finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow!

My 6 month old twin girls had both been poorly with various coughs & colds on & off for 4 weeks before it progressed into flu and other various types of viral bacterial infections and at that point they were both admitted into hospital for one week.

During those 5 weeks, both feeding and sleeping had become an utter nightmare- they were both amazing sleepers, sleeping through from 7-7 but this simply went out the window and if they slept more than 2hrs at a time then it was a miracle. Eating solids also completely stopped due to lack of appetite & drinking milk from their bottles also become excruciatingly difficult as they simply couldn’t drink the volume they had been and whatever they were taking they were coughing up & out! So having only been on 4 bottles a day each, they were on almost double that as it became little & often and even throughout the night. Once in hospital, one of my girls had to be fed through an NG tube as she really couldn’t handle bottle feeding at all.

Nicci came to me 2 days after the girls were discharged from hospital for a total of 6 nights & without sounding totally corny, she came she saw & she conquered!!!

Within 24hrs of her being in my home and watching the girls, Nicci came up with a plan that was both practical and made complete sense. We changed their milk, changed their bottles, started solids again and we were back in a routine & both girls thrived and went from strength to strength taking more milk, taking more food & sleeping!!! They are now back to 7-7 babies and both they & us couldn’t be happier.
Nicci is calm, collected and completely professional- she adores babies, they adore her and it shows! It was an absolute pleasure having her in our home. I cannot sing her praises highly enough and would HIGHLY recommend her time & time again!!!!
The Balcombe Family
Within half an hour of arriving with us, Nicci had worked out what 4 different paediatricians, 3 lactation consultants and various midwives and health visitors had so far failed to do.

We were at our wit’s end with our 4mo daughter who was refusing feeds, waking every 2hrs at night and needing to nap every hour during the day. Nicci immediately asked sensible questions, exploring the various possible explanations and eventually suggested that my supply might be low.

2 days of Breastpump Bootcamp later and we were back on track; already we could see a significant difference in our daughter’s feeding and sleeping. All the while Nicci was incredibly supportive, taking care of me and the baby, cooking meals, and suggesting I took time to catch up on weeks of lost sleep.

By the time Nicci left us 5 days later, not only was our daughter a much happier baby, but I felt 100% more human. Nicci had given me the confidence to realise that I was in control of the situation and that things could improve with a little bit of persistence! She also gave me some precious ‘me’ time to go to the gym and have a much-needed haircut, as well as insisting that my husband and I have our first ‘date night’ in 4 months!

Nicci is full of empathy, kindness and experience. Her love of children and of the work that she does is evident from the moment you meet her and she is an absolute pleasure to have around.
The Hodges Family
Nicci came to us to help with our second baby arriving when she was two days old and staying for three weeks. In the time Nicci was with us she helped to get our baby into a settled routine which suited both me and my baby girl and she particularly helped with night times ensuring that I could rest and recuperate following the birth. I would highly recommend Nicci as a Maternity Nurse, her wealth of knowledge on all things ‘baby’ and particularly on sleep and feeding routines and breastfeeding is invaluable. As well as being very easy to have around Nicci is also a reassuring figure at, what can be, a daunting and exhausting time. Whether at 5am or 11pm Nicci is always great company!
The Graham Family
Having Nicci stay with us after the birth of our twins was fantastic. She guided us through the initial days and rapidly had the twins in a routine that suited them. She is extremely flexible, hardworking and professional (and full of fabulous tips that make life much easier). In particular she supported me through breastfeeding and helped both of us in this new experience – we felt very confidant with the twins after her 3 week stay. We would strongly recommend her to anyone considering having a maternity nurse – particularly those having twins.
The Casaglia Fmily

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