Maternity Nurse Services

As a Maternity Nurse, my role is to ensure you get off to the best possible start; to help you learn who your baby is, what their needs are and how to fulfil those needs.  I show you how to work with natural rhythms, not rigid routines. I also help you function as a family (I’ve even been known to save a marriage, or two).

So what does a Maternity Nurse actually do?

This is a hard one to answer as different clients need different help, and no two families or babies are the same.  But as a guide, this is what I do (or have done);

  • I will make sure that I am the ‘right fit’ for you. There are many ways of working with babies and families and it’s important that you get what you are looking for when it comes to ‘bringing up your baby’.
  • I will send you a list of tried and tested equipment and products. I have sifted through the good and the bad so that my clients don’t have to waste money on products that will not work for them.  As a Maternity Nurse I am often sent new products by companies to trial and so am using the very latest ‘must have’ products. 
  • I keep in touch with the parents to be throughout the pregnancy and can signpost or recommend other professionals such as hospitals or clinics, doulas, private midwives, consultants, placenta encapsulators and more.
Nurse services
  • I am there for you when you need me. I have travelled through the night to be with a couple whose baby was born early, I have spent nights sitting on hard plastic hospital chairs by the bed of a mum who was too poorly to manage her twins on her own. My aim is for you to never feel that you are facing parenthood alone.
  • I understand that a new baby is an exciting and emotional time for a couple and that it can be weird having a stranger in the house. As a result, I try to be sensitive; staying out of the way when I’m not needed but being there for you when I am. You can use me as much, or as little, as you need – it’s your choice.
  • I help with every aspect of your new baby; feeding, changing, bathing, dressing, winding, sleeping, playing, holding, cuddling or taking baby out.  I’m there to help; to explain his needs, his rhythms and his reason for crying. I’m there to explain about his needs, his rhythms and his reason for crying. To explain about safe sleep, how to get that stubborn and painful wind to result in a big burp. To take that first journey on the bus, show confused parents how to fit the car seat and fold the pushchair and actually go out (sounds easy right?!)

  • I’m there to support you with feeding (in whichever way you choose). I’ve worked with a Mum who were sent home from the hospital having been told that they wouldn’t be able to make enough milk to breastfeed her baby. Well that Mama proved them wrong and that baby only ever had one formula top up and was breastfed well into his toddler years. I’ve also worked with a Mum who found breastfeeding difficult due to an undiagnosed tongue tie, once I had spotted it and it had been corrected that baby and his Mama went on to have a long and happy breastfeeding journey. I have worked with Mums who choose to bottle feed from the start, either with expressed breast milk or formula and thats fine too. I can help with bottle feeding including choosing the best formula, making the bottles, feeding baby and cleaning and sterilising….there is no wrong way to feed a baby!

  • I am there at night, when the cries can seem worse and never-ending, to give practical help and emotional support. 
  • I give new parents the knowledge to care for, and nurture, their little ones and the permission to ask questions without being judged. 
  • I am a friend. Being a new mum can be a lonely existence.  I am someone to laugh with, cry with and chat with. Someone who understands your fears and frustrations. 
  • If a baby needs some ‘sleep training’ then it’s done gently and respectfully.  I teach them how to get the rest they need in order to thrive, and you need in order to feel human again.

  • Once the placement has ended, I am still there, on the phone or via email, for advice or a chat. I am blessed to be such good friends with many of my previous clients and am still a part of their children’s lives.
  • Ultimately my job is about meeting frightened new parents, building their confidence and helping them to become the best parents they can be.  If, at the end of my booking, I leave behind a contented baby and a happy mum, then my job is done.


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