Bespoke Solutions Tailored To Your Needs

Every family is different, and every baby has its own specific needs. So, whether you are looking for advice on how to set up your nursery, support and guidance during your baby’s first few weeks or months, night-time respite when exhausted and sleep-deprived or a solution to sleep, feeding or behavioural problems – I can help. 

I have created a range of services drawn from my extensive experience, but am happy to adapt these to suit your specific needs or create a bespoke package just for you.

Maternity Nurse Services

Many of my clients come from a corporate background where if there is something they don’t know or need an answer to they call in an professional. So its natural that when they first become parents or when they encounter an issue with their baby they call in a professional to help them get off to the best possible start or to help find solutions to issues.


All families have times when urgent ad-hoc help, support or advice is needed; times when your family is in turmoil, you are at your lowest ebb, sleep-deprived or have run out of ideas. 

Please contact me to discuss the best troubleshooting plan for you and your family.

Welcome Home Package

A welcome home package is the perfect gift to give to new parents and a very popular gift choice for new grandparents to give. Many parents leave hospital with their new bundle of joy and are filled with excitement and apprehension at the wonder of what’s to come! A welcome home package can take away that apprehension and give parents the confidence they need to enjoy and bond with their new baby.

Welcome home

Night Nannying

Sleep deprivation and young babies (unfortunately) go hand in hand and it can be difficult to get the rest you so desperately need.  This is where I can help. Booking me as a Night Nurse will give you the opportunity to get some restorative sleep, safe in the knowledge that your baby is being well cared for.

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